Whatever day it is that you want to be made special, we will be there to help you out.


Good heart-warming food

Whatever day it is that you want to be made special, we will be there to help you out. No event and gathering are complete without the inclusion of some good heart-warming food.

We take pride in making all events memorable. With flawless services and food that tastes impeccably good, we will make all your events fun-filled and entertaining. You can concentrate on other aspects of your event while you leave the food and servicing to us.

What kind of services do we offer?

Birthday parties

Birthdays are not about cakes and gifts only. Guests want food that would be the highlight of the event. We provide different menu options and cuisines so that your event can stand out. Our staff will not only make sure that the event goes on smoothly but would also provide the best service to your guests.

Cocktail Parties

Having served in many restaurants, our head chef has a talent for creating exquisite drinks menu. Cocktail parties are no fun without some unique drinks that would have your guests drooling over them. We make sure that we make the cocktail parties fun with our huge array of drinks menu.


A warm, cozy environment where the guests get to eat all they want. Live cooking, quick service, unlimited food: buffets with us are all this and much more. With the menu of your choice, we make sure that the food never runs out. Our staff makes sure that buffet is a hit where all your guests go home talking about nothing else but how good the food was starting from the appetizers to the desserts and drinks.

Themed Parties

Having parties and events follow a particular theme is a new trend which is slowly picking up its pace. People want everything from the décor to food to follow a theme. We offer menus from all over the world so that you can choose the items which go with the theme you have selected for your event.


Be it a homecoming, wedding or a welcome home reception. We offer catering services to all such events. Be the gathering be large or small, our team of experts has all the training it needs to serve fresh and hot food to your guests.

You can get all these services at reasonable rates in the best quality. So what are your waiting for? Get in contact with us right now and make your event extra special with our food and catering services.


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